Client Testimonials

Some of our esteemed clients and what they say about us

Natalie Mitchell

RDH Periodontal and Implant Services Ltd.

Panda perio is a unique software. As clinicians working in a specialty environment the stresses of conversing and/or keeping the general practices updated is a high demand. Dictation of letters and handwriting is now a burden of the past with Panda Perio. It allows for easy communicative letter writing directly from the input it recieves. A document can be made immediately with a click of the mouse. The letters are well formatted and easy to read. The beauty of the software is you can add or subtract and produce a document that is directly taylored to your style and preference depending on need. The technicians are easily accessible if for some reason you run into a minor glitch, and it can be done without the presence of yourself through remote access. Comparison data is easily accessible to educate you patients the outcome of your and our efforts. I especially like how easy it is to import previous data to current day records. It has so much to offer that you can learn new tricks daily to save time, and with a hectic schedule this becomes critically important. I recommended Panda Perio for all your clinical data needs, you won't be disappointed!

Dr Jonathan Ross

Ross Periodontics Ltd

When I bought my current periodontal practice, I knew I wanted to banish the complicated, time-consuming paper chart the previous doctor had used. After looking at other systems, I settled on Panda Perio because it allowed me to have flexibility to customize the chart the way I work. Once Panda was set up the way I liked it and I trained my staff on it, I have started to reap the rewards of spending less time writing and more time working on my practice.

Melosh Naicker

The Perio Centre, East Malvern, Australia

PANDA Perio is so simple and easy to use. The detailed clinical information that can be recorded is like no other perio software that I have used. It has improved our quality of documentation and enables us to generate professional reports to our referring dentists and patients.

Joseph Cristoforo, D.D.S.

Dental Implant and Periodontal Specialists, Madison, WI.

Panda Perio has streamlined clinical record-keeping and referral correspondence in to one neat, user-friendly package. The customization options are tremendous and cover every clinical situation one can encounter. Best of all, my progress notes and report to the patient's referring dentist are both completed before the patient leaves the office!

Igor Roitman DMD, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Menlo Park Periodontics, Menlo Park, CA.

I've been Panda Perio user for the past 6 years and it's been one of the best decisions my partner and I made. Writing letters take 15 min for the whole day. It's was created by periodontist for periodontists, so it has all the things that you need in your letter and you can customize it if you feel you need extra information. I highly recommend Panda Perio.

Nicholas M Poulos, DDS/MS

Poulos & Somers Denver, CO

It used to take my partners and I 15-20 minutes to write up a new patient exam, treatment plan and draft the report letter to the referring doctor. With Panda, this all can be accomplished in 3-5 minutes (with fewer errors and omissions).

Kristi M. Soileau, DDS, MEd, MSHCE, FACD

PNew Orleans, Louisiana

Incorporating PANDA into my practice impresses both my patients and referring dentists. I feel that the graphics and report layout clarify the patient's diagnosis better than any other comparable software.