PANDA Perio Integration

PANDA Perio is the complete clinical electronic dental record for your practice,

eliminating the need to transcribe. This not only improves how your clinical data is collected and kept but it also improves the way your time is spent. PANDA integrates well with other software and tools used around the office, making the clinical and administrative aspects of your practice now even easier – and faster – providing an enhanced workflow experience for you and your team. Following is a list of the integrated products that work great with PANDA Perio. Click on each one to learn more about that particular product, and be sure to view the chart below so you can see exactly what is linked to each bridge or integrated product. Now you can take your practice to the highest level of efficiency!


(one time configuration fee of ${{bridge.Price}} applies))

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Following is a list of the features/fields that PANDA Perio integrates with, relative to each software package. Email PANDA for more info or call 1-800-517-7716.