High-Tech fantasy exposed

You don’t need computers in every nook and cranny

“I want to put my clinical information into the computer, but we don’t have enough computers throughout the office.”

It’s expensive to outfit an entire practice with a computer everywhere you look. The idea of furnishing the entire practice with new hardware is not only unrealistic for most practices financially, but it isn’t even a requirement if you want your practice to go digital. What would you want to achieve by turning “high-tech” anyway? Is it so you can go paperless as soon as the hardware arrives? If so, it’s a glamorous fantasy! You simply don’t need to spend money setting up hardware that isn’t going to be used to its fullest potential.

Computer hardware and gadgetry is only as good as the task that it is used for. If you don’t have a logical and efficient process in place to begin with, you will still need to face the inevitable in the end: implementation. Many people think implementation means putting computers all over the office, and PANDA is here to tell you that this is not true. A slow and gradual implementation process with baby steps is not only more realistic, but it is an obtainable goal that meets your need to improve efficiency quickly, especially in the areas that really need it. For example, your office in particular may need a better workflow process in place for the way you record Progress Notes. Or perhaps the way you create letters and general correspondence is not structured enough to be considered an automatic, hassle-free process. Each office is different.

This approach – gradually tackling each area that needs focus and improvement – is the real way to think about implementation. And it is what will truly save you time and money down the road, not to mention increase production. PANDA users are astounded at how much smoother their office workflow has become even just weeks after they’ve implemented PANDA.

So save your money on getting those fancy computers, ditch the illusion that going high-tech will magically fix everything, and hop onboard now.

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